Birgitte Munck’s passion for ceramics started early when she was a student of the Danish potter Inger Rokkjær. Her training was hugely inspiring, and led her on a lifelong journey working with ceramics.

Birgitte’s contemporary ceramics are rooted in Nordic and Japanese aesthetics. She specializes in stoneware pieces for interior spaces – designed for both functional use and decoration.

Various techniques are used, including throwing, coiling and carving. The thrown vessels, domestic in scale, are often carved, faceted and altered, at the leather hard stage, to create quiet shapes and tactile surface textures.

Birgitte mostly works with a red stoneware clay that fires to a rich dark brown, with iron speckles showing through the glaze. She also works with coarse and light stoneware bodies for wonderful bright glazes. Most of the glazes and slips are layered and fired in an electric kiln. She set up her studio in 2011 in Denmark, where she works, designs and occasionally teach ceramics.

Birgitte also had a long career within the Aid Agency Sector, living and working in several Middle Eastern countries - from Iran to Occupied Palestian Territories, Lebanon and Jordan. Birgitte has helped rebuilding lives under very difficult circumstances - for children and their families affected by conflicts and natural disasters. Her dedication and connection to people has influenced her ceramic works, each piece unique, to treasure and keep.

In 2020 she relocated to Reykjavik, Iceland, where she continues her artistic ceramic path, hugely inspired by the earth tones of Iceland: lava, moss, glacier lagoons and geothermal areas.